Materials for students

Teachers can prepare the following materials / Resources and attach for students

  • Audio materials - lectures prepare in audio format are recommended for auditory learners
  • Video Materials - teachers can prepare demonstrations and lab activities in video format and upload to the Learning Management System
  • Text Materials - the Learning Management System support all pdf, word, excel, power Point and similar resources
  • Graphics and images - any graphical or image format can also be attached to students
  • Web-Page Resources - teachers can also prepare materials to be read on the online LMS than to be downloaded
  • Assessments - teachers can create assessments that a student test her/himself as self-assessments or graded assessments as quizzes or exams.  
  • Assignments - teachers can communicate and submit assignments to students in online pages or attached files, the students can also have the option to reply on both approaches
  • Discussion forums - teachers can create discussion forums in which studentâs ca create topics and discuss each other.